Personal Summary for 2021 Q1 & Q2

It has been a long time since I wrote the previous personal summary and I delayed this article again and again so that this title changed from “Personal Summary for 2021 Q1” to “Personal Summary for 2021 Q1 & Q2”.

The main reason for not writing it in time is I have been busy preparing for TOFEL for the last 3 months. However, from the words and grammar used in this passage, you can see that I do not make some progress in this field.

Today, I wake up early, about six o’clock and I felt more clear than ever. At that time, I felt a feeling of regret. I did a lot of stuff in the last six months. However, these seemingly did not make some sense. I practice English again and again. I obtained some offers from severe Internet companies and refused them. I registered a store on Lazada but did not know how to operate it. I run an official account on WeChat and wrote articles in Zhihu. Similarly, it has been suspended for several months for the same reason.

I always want to do well in all fields but it is difficult for me to do some choices. I told to myself that it is good if you try your best. Nevertheless, the outcome does not make me happy. Therefore, I felt confused. It is a perfect plan to prepare an English score if I want to go abroad as well as an interview if I want to begin my career, but both of them are stuck by the troubles in my English. From now on, I should not hold the attitude of a speculator and face the truth. Think carefully before making any decision.

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